The Following is a text of a philosopher and former soldier of the Empire of Pyreus. Edit

Philosopher: "Are fighting skills useless in our world? Is it all based on our technology advancement?"

Former Soldier: "Hah, for all those whom say that sword fighting skills are useless here, I am the thing that contradicts your ignorant statements! Not only do you need skill, you also need luck. Dodge the enemy's attack and counter. This is why stone axes are overpowered. Damage of half a copper sword and the speed of a dagger knife, once you're targeted, you're set into a dangerous position. You don't have to agree and can stay with you swords and spears, but you shall know that the master races are of quick weapons. Now behold; and now be astonished! Reject and stay less powerful if you may want."

Philosopher: "How must you fight or how can you fight?"

Former Soldier: "This is how you fight and this is how to murder. Weapons can be anything you can swing: Axes, Pickaxes, Paddles, Swords, and other tools of a commoner. Skills and reaction is required. If they run, you lay chase, if they attack, you dodge; either by over hopping or side-winding. You counter attack. Attacking, circle around their shield side. Avoid their sword side. They will run by half health, lay chase if you are confident. Otherwise resupply yourself with cloths of healing.  Don't let them lure you, make quick feet if you are in-confident.  The ultimate rule is that you must not die, and you must not stay low in your vitality, strength, and stamina.  Stay high, therefore you will survive."