Bronze is the first metal available to Expedition players. It is the second tier next to stone. To craft bronze, you will need a furnace, 1 copper, and 1 tin. Craft the copper and tin together while standing next to a furnace, and you should get a bar of bronze. To make tools out of it, you need a hammer.

Bronze Edit

Bronze is the second tier next to stone, here are some tools you can make from the first metal:

Bronze Pickaxe - Have a hammer in your inventory and craft 2 bronze bars. This gives a pickaxe head. Craft the pickaxe head with a handle and this will give a bronze pickaxe.

Bronze Axe - Bronze axes and made by crafting 1 bronze away from a grindstone. This gives a Bronze Axe head. Craft it with a handle and this crafts a Bronze Axe.

Bronze Knife - Crafted when crafting 1 bronze by a grindstone. The knife head is then crafted with a hilt. Does 10 damage and hits faster the swords and spears.

Bronze Spear - Crafted with a bronze bar, a rope and a handle. It does 30 damage and hits slower then knifes and swords. It can not hit anything that gets close.

Bronze Sword - Done when crafting one bronze blade and hilt. Bronze blades are crafted when you craft 3 bronze bars near a grindstone. Craft the blade with a hilt and you get a bronze sword.