What do buildings do? (in Expedition)

There are a wide assortment of buildings in Expedition, most of them wonderful. For example, wells provide a water source for your village/camp/whatever. Campfires provide light and you are able to cook when next to one.Furnaces let you smelt ores, boats let you goat, and mills let you grind wheat down into flour.

How do I make a building?Edit

First, open your inventory. There should be a tab next to the top of your screen. Scroll through this tab and select what you want to build. Place down the schematic and start dropping items (drag them out of your inventory screen) onto the schematic. Once you drop all the items needed onto the plate, the building should appear!  Please visit the link below if you would like more details on placing buildings.

Building ListEdit

Wooden Buildings Edit

Stone Buildings Edit

Crafting Buildings Edit

Utility Buildings Edit

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