Controls Edit

In Expedition, there are a few keys to remember:

'G' - Open/Close Inventory

'H' - Basic Help

'K' - Unequip Armor

'L' - Unequip Tool

What do I do? Edit

If you've spawned somewhere with hemp (tall, straight leafy plant) and there's some ore nearby, and of course some trees, that's all you'll really need for starting out. Walk up to a tree, and click on it. After it is cut down, gather the logs and fruits and use them later to craft tools and construct buildings. After you get some stone, hemp/flax, and some logs, it's time to make a tool. Open your inventory and drag the 'log' down to the crafting tab. Click craft and craft the item you get (split wood) again. This should result in a handle. The next thing you should do, is craft one hemp/flax. If you're crafting hemp, just craft the hemp STALK to get rope. For flax, you'll need to get 2 twine and craft those together for rope. Drag a stone over to the crafting menu and craft it. For a pickaxe (the tool I recommend starting with...) You'll need 2 split stones. After that, put these items in the crafting tab. The order of the recipe does not matter.

Handle, Rope, Split stone, Split stone

You should now have a pickaxe! Another ESSENTIAL part of learning the game is knowing all about that 'use item' box. Take an object, a seed for example and drag it over there. Click on the box with the seed on your cursor.... and it should allow you to plant it. To equip an item, just drag it over to the box and 'use' it.

Stone pickaxe = 1 handle,1 rope, 2 split stone

Stone axe = 1 handle, 1 rope, 1 split stone 

Hammer = 1 handle, 1 stone 

Bronze = 1 copper ore, 1 tin ore (building: furnace)

Bronze Pickaxe head = 2 bronze (tool: hammer) 

Bronze axe head = 1 bronze (tool: hammer) 

Bronze axe = 1 handle, 1 bronze,Bronze axe head (tool:hammer)

(Any) Pickaxe = 1 handle, 1 (Any) Pickaxe Head (tool: hammer) 

Split wood = 1 log

Handle = 1 split wood 

Rope = 1 hemp stalk/2 twine 

String= 1 cotton/1 rope 

Cloth = 3 cotton 

Thatching = 2 wheat

Armor=Cloth,Cloth,Cloth/Tanned Hide x3(Building:Leatherworks)

Metal Armor(Any metal)=Metal,Metal,Metal,Metal(Tool:Hammer)(Building:Anvil) 

Bow=(String Handle Handle)