Originally a joint effort between devAdrian and Wheatlies. Now being worked on by EB8699. EB, the owner of this wiki, may also be found here. Made as an alternative to Roblox survival games with an emphasis on realism and community building. Not your grandma's survival game. - Description of development.


Expedition is not an easy game. It's not always hard either. If you bring friends and common sense, you can survive in the vast realm of wilderness. Animals will try to hunt you down, so will other players. You need to arm yourself to survive, you need shelter too. Many bizarre things will happen during your lifetime that will kill you, so don't be afraid to die as it is the cycle of life. Fight other tribes, hunt animals and create armor, go mine ore and create a variety of weapons, build a civilization, or live on a boat, create your own tribe, or survive solo; do whatever you decide, this game will surely bring out the best of you.


Do know that you are not the only one to face these challenges alone. Many others seek to share their wisdom and knowledge that may assist you in your time of great need. Located in a central social hub are people, both veterans and newbies, that await for those coming to seek for aid and shelter. Make new, trustworthy friends or rigorous foes. Invite the worthy to aid in your survival. Teamwork and cooperation are required in order to thrive; work together to build a civilization. Don't be afraid or shy to make new friends in a dangerous world full of predators. Remember that there is strength in numbers. 

"Bring thou forth knowledge, naught else shall save thou otherwise. Enjoy your Wednesday."  - Wiki Contributor.

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