Please note that this contains a High amount of Lore, Lore was Discontinued officially however anyone is free to role-play in-game using the extensive lore that has been written up on the Wiki here. So feel free to sacrifice slaves on a make shift altar for the 'God' Artocarpus or do anything in their name or anything lore related in general. Just don't expect any Lore Content being added to the game.

R E L I G I O N          C A T E G O R I E S

Gods and Goddess and Acquaintances

Through divine revelation from the Supreme God of Expedition himself, the following is listed:

  • Wheatlies: Creator of the World
  • DevAdrian: Designer of the People

The following are lesser Gods that do not interact with the world directly but have a significant impact on the minds of their followers:

Historical People

Sacred Rules of Expedition

Sacred Ancient Texts and Discoveries