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The villages within the Steel Reich mainly worship Artocarpus, the cow god. The worshippers of this god believe that the mighty cow is a sacred creature sent from the heavens to aid the other creatures of the earth in evolution and creation. It is said that one can sacrifice an unworthy individual upon an altar, and then pour fresh milk over their body to summon the mighty Artocarpus and his golden cow, Stevie.

Artocarpus was a simple villager, living on a small island far from the Eastern Mainland with the rest of his tribe. One day a strange man clad in hides came to their island on a ship and took Artocarpus and everyone else in the village away to a black stone island. On this island they were forced to work day and night harvesting a red ore for their masters. They heard the masters speaking at night about sailing to the Eastern Mainland and taking its resources for the Western empires. After a year of working on the island, Artocarpus found a cow wandering the shores, and he tamed it. The cow revealed its power to Artocarpus and said it was here to help the people of his village escape the masters. The next night Artocarpus gathered the villagers and they fought the masters with the simple tools they had. They eventually vanquished the masters, but Artocarpus had fallen in battle.

Artocarpus awoke in a bright place, the cow and two men standing over him. He got up and the two men vanished. Then the cow told him its name, Stevie, and that Artocarpus had ascended to become the lord of his kind.

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Current Day Sightings: Edit

The Cow God has possessed mortals as a means of speaking through them without interfering in the natural affairs of the people.

Recently The Preserver has attempted to duplicate the descendants of Stevie, the One Cow via his Magic. All Gods however believe that it is unacceptable to perform unnatural or magic practices on sacred things. This resulted in The Preserver being punished by Artocarpus by being unable to approach a cow in any way without being harmed.

The only other incident of Artocarpus connection with mortals is the Cow Keeper. It is said Artocarpus descended from the heavens to tell the Cow Keeper of the true nature of the cows, and that it was his responsibility to protect them at any cost. After this day, the man the Cow Keeper was before was never seen again.